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The Low Cost Company

Wheely Environmental Refuse Services Ltd (WERS Ltd) was established in 1989 by the Gleeson brothers, Pat, Martin and Paul. WERS Ltd. was amongst the first providers of a wheelie bin service which today is available throughout Ireland. WERS Ltd. provides this service under licence from the local authority. The blue bin contains all clean dry recyclables (cans, cardboard, plastic) with all other waste being collected in the black bin, organic material is collected in the brown bin.

The company provides a wheelie bin service in County Galway, covering north Galway, south Mayo and south Roscommon. The company is the first private operator to introduce a compost facility to householders in Tuam. Compost is currently being disposed of at the Galway Corporation compost facility. Wers Ltd. also provide a bag service in all areas. Customers can purchase bags for waste and bags for recycling at their local shop. As landfill space decreases the focus is on reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. This is done by recycling as much of the material presented for collection as possible.