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The commercial waste collection business comprises of the hire of skips, bins, compactors and other waste containers. This includes construction waste, cardboard and packaging waste, pallets, timber, garden and soil waste and mixed municipal waste.

Skip are available in the following sizes (cubic yds) : 2, ,4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 20, 25, 40.

Wheeled Bins are available in the following sizes (litres) : 120, 240 360, 660, 1100. This wheeled bin system is the most popular bin in a range of easy to handle sizes.

These containers are suitable for most light industrial and commercial waste. The containers are made of durable high-density polyethylene and are easy to clean. This system is ideal for any size of business from small shops to large industry.

WERS can also provide a system for the more bulky types of waste that may not be suitable for smaller bins. We can provide open or enclosed containers in varying sizes that are left on site until ready for collection. Again we can designate containers permanently to your site.

Sludge Disposal & Drain Cleaning
is the residual semi-solid material left from industrial, water treatment, or wastewater treatment processes. If you need the septic tank emptied from your house or commercial buildings call us for a prompt and reliable service. We can also get blocked drains cleared from your factory, forecourts or family home so if you have a problem call WERS Waste Ltd. Our service extends across the Connaught region. More Info....

Waste Compactors Galway Waste CompactorsCompactors
Waste compactors are used where high volumes of mixed waste or certain recyclable materials are generated on site.Compactors can be manually filled with bags of waste, or they can be fitted with a bin lift to allow safe and convenient emptying of wheelie bins.
There are two types of compactors:

Galway Portable Waste Compactors Waste Portable Compactor:The compactor mechanism and body is one unit and they are available in a range of sizes. For servicing, the unit is disconnected from the electrical supply and taken to the WERS Waste Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where it is emptied. It is then returned to the customer and re-connected to the electrical supply. These units are particularly suited to wet waste use as they are not opened on site.

Static Compactor: The compactor mechanism is fixed on site,permanently wired to the electrical supply and are best suited for use with dry materials. These boxes provide a larger capacity than the portable compactor. For servicing, the box is disconnected and replaced with an empty box.

Waste BalersBalers
On site balers are used for recyclable materials such as cardboard or plastic. By baling these materials large volumes can be handled and stored efficiently between collections. Balers are available in a range of sizes to suit your application.                                                                                                                    

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