How We Recycle

Your Recycling List!

Rigid Plastic

Tins & Cans

Paper & Cardboard

Inside WERS Recycling Centre

1. Haulers dump materials onto the tipping floor. A loader moves the material up onto the conveyor.

2. Plastic bags are pulled out to be recycled, as well as non-recyclable and bulky items that can’t go through the system.

3. A screen separates the cardboard using rotating discs. Smaller objects fall through and continue on.

4. A finishing screen separates out 2-D objects (paper). 3-D containers fall through and continue on.

5. A strong magnet removes steel cans and separates them into a holding bin.

6. An eddy current separator repels aluminum cans and foil from the conveyor and into another holding area.

7. An optical sorter uses cameras and sensors to separate plastics by resin code (type).