What Happens my Waste

Disposals of household materials

When your waste and recyclables are collected we are diverting as much waste from land fill (local authority dumps) to reusable material, waste materials such as:

1) Brown Bin

Compost to compost facilities or for the production of gas from anaerobic digesters plants, or for the compost being use for agriculture and horticulture use.

2) Blue or Red recycling bin

Plastics all plastics are washed and flaked in authorised sites to be sold to end users for the manufacturing of plastic products.

Paper and cardboard are sort and baled separately and use for the manufacture of cardboard, toilet paper etc.

Steel and aluminium cans are also sorted and used for the process of manufacturing of steel and aluminium .

3) Non recyclable bin

in your waste bin should be a small % and will be sent for the production of energy.

For more information visit My Waste, Ireland’s official guide to managing you waste.